Braille Revival League of Texas

BRLT welcomes any person, blind
or sighted, who believes in and is
willing to work for the furtherance
of Braille as the primary medium
of literacy for blind people to
become a member of this exciting
state affiliate in Texas.


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Membership Application

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Form for "Braille Memorandum":
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Send dues ($15.00) to BRLT Treasurer,

Margarine G. Beaman

1406 Wilshire Blvd.

Austin, Texas 78722



Braille Revival League of Texas
BRLT is a membership organization
whose purpose is to promote the
teaching, production and the
broader acceptance and use of braille
as the primary tool of literacy for
people who are blind.
Its membership is comprised of
braille users, teachers, transcribers,
braille producers and other individuals
who are proponents and supporters
of braille.
• BRLT believes braille instruction should
be available in all schools and other educational facilities to students who are blind or functionally blind and that the mastering of braille should become a required and integral part of the curriculum for the training of prospective teachers of students who are blind.
Annual Meeting
BRLT members attend and participate
in the ACBT annualState conference as
well as in BRL’s national program and
Activities held during the ACB
national convention.
• BRLT emphasizes the practical uses of
braille and its importance in the daily
lives of people who are blind.
• BRLT strongly supports the maximum
availability of information in braille for
consumers by all businesses, agencies,
government entities and any other providers
of goods and services.
• BRLT advocates for an increase in the
output and availability of Braille materials
from printing houses, libraries
and all producers of braille.

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Braille Memorandum
BRLT members receive the Braille
Revival League’s national publication,
the “Braille Memorandum”, a comprehensive newsletter,
produced three times a year, with
articles about the innovative uses of
braille as well as personal views and
opinions about the teaching,
transcribing and future code
modifications of braille.

BRLT awards scholarships to deserving
blind or visually impaired
Braille reading college students,
college-bound high school seniors
or students enrolled in vocational or
technical programs.
2015 Application & Instructions


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